Universal Wellness Learning Center

**Energy Flow Workshop: $25, Learn how to recognize the flow of natural, healing and paranormal energy signatures all around. This workshop is open to everyone.

***Energy Flow, #2: $35, An extension to the earlier workshop. We shall flow into the various energy signatures with the power of 3, your Inner power, utilizing the energy all around.

**Crystals n’ Gems, Learn energy control and distinction of each stones energy signature, ongoing class, [5 stones] $7

UWLC005 Chakra Toning ~ Learn how to tune, cleanse and balance each Chakra in the body, Unblocking all passages, opens up the avenues for better protection, creativity, dreams, the reach is endless. Includes DVD. $250

UWLC006 ~ Chi Balancing ~ Learn how to tune the body to each of our own internal Chi balance. $175.

UWLC008~ Crystal n’ Gem Healing ~ Learn how to surround all with various gems n’ crystals. Learn to work with each signature wrapped with their own energy distinction. All the while they are healing your clients emotional and physical well-being.  $250.
Sub-category class: For those of you who do Reiki, here are some fabulous crystals n’ gems that work together to create the perfect blend of energy flow between you, the Cosmo’s and the client.
We all know that black absorbs negative energy and turns it into neutral energy. Best thing to have if you do any crystal healing on others. Don’t forget to place one in a corner of your room, you would be amazed at how much negativity gets absorbed in the body and stays there. Let’s learn how other stones cohabitate with others to bring a well-rounded vibrant blend to the healing experience.

UWC017~ Stone Heat Therapy~ This works great with the crystal n’ gem therapy. Warm stones are placed around the body, intermixed with the crystals n’ gems. Warm energy flows and unblocks meridian paths in your body.  $300 including stones.

UWLC009~ Energy Healing~ Native American, we utilize a Cherokee Healing Ritual with Eastern chi Balancing. This method works at unblocking the energy flow with Native American n’ Eastern philosophy.  $250

Herbology 101~ 25 weeks, Sunday and Wednesday. $100month. Classes start, January 1st~  July 1st~

PSY0331~ Low-Grade Hypnosis, $125 approximate 1.5hrs.

Herbology 201~ 25 weeks, Sunday and Wednesday. $100month. Classes start, April 1st~ October 1st~

UWLC016~ Reiki Atonement~ Reiki is the art of facilitating the ancient healing art of Reiki. We prepare the client to accept and receive this universal energy. Each student will learn how to perform this ancient healing art form from top to bottom over a course of 6 classes within a 4 week period.

First Degree $200

Second Degree $400

Third Degree/Master $600

UWLC, MedicineWheel, Workshop: Learn to lay your own medicine wheel. Holds up to 5 people. Learn to move the healing energy throughout the wheel, the colors, stones preparation, and history. 2-3 hours, $175

contact us at generalmysticartsltd@yahoo.com

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